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Welcome to the Daevabad wiki!

This is a growing reference for the world of The Daevabad Trilogy (The City of Brass, The Kingdom of Copper & The Empire of Gold), a 2018 speculative fiction book by S.A. Chakraborty ("the author"), that I started to collect and compile on my journey through the fantastic tale of Nahri.

I started to immensely enjoy the read and felt like documenting the incredibly detailed and well developed characters and the world around them for future reference and found this very helpful to jog my memory every now and then to find understanding in details that I might have missed otherwise.

For anyone new, here is an index of all pages on the wiki. I will gradually categorize pages a little so we will have a list of characters to start with


Most (all?) of the content is very sketchy. If you enjoy reading the book as I (immensely) do, please feel free to browse this wiki and contribute back if you wish - there are plenty of details to be filled in, and plenty of missing pages waiting to be added!

You can contribute content or discuss pages without creating an account. If you do like to create an account, go to Special:RequestAccount to put in a request.


You agree to names, characters, ideas, images, references, etc. as depicted in the book to be, partially or in their entirety, owned by the author, and possibly associated parties.