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Daevabad, the City of Brass, is Daevastana's capital[1] and the residence of the throne to Daevastana.

Districts of the City[edit]

In the heart of the City lies the midan, surrounded by its various districts.

The Lake[edit]

Within the walls of the city lies a lake that has been home to the marid long before the Daeva started to build the city of Daevabad around it. It is said to be cursed and tear apart anyone who touches the surface, no matter Daeva, Shafit or human.

The Temple[edit]


The Infirmary[edit]


The Citadel[edit]

The Citadel is home to the royal guard. It consists of the barracks, the training grounds and offices of the djinn army.

A large complex of sand-colored stone, with an stone tower of Am Geziran style in its courtyard, the Citadel was built shortly after Daevabad was captured by the Qahtanis[2].

The Palace[edit]


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