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Khayzur is a peri that Dara first calls after fleeing El Arafa, and with that, Cairo, to see and advise about Nahri.

Darayavahoush and Nahri encounter Khayzur again when crossing the river that veils Daevabad from the hostile planes surrounding the city. Dara seems to have had a long history with Khayzur. He sacrifices himself while fending off the marid watersnake attacking Dara and Nahri together with the three ifrit Aeshma, Qandisha and Vizaresh as the two try to cross the river on their way to Daevabad. The fate of Khayzur follows a rule of punishment by his people[1] for crossing the river (?). His history with Dara seems to go back to the days he was afshin to the Nahid family.

  1. I feel I mixed some details up here